Installation & Maintenance


Perfect Degree Mechanical Contractors Inc. has a highly trained team of HVAC technicians. Whether your building exists only on blueprints or is 200 years old, we will work with you to meet your project objectives and provide attractive alternatives that could be implemented. We encourage anyone to call for a free, no obligation comfort consultation, whether it be for a completely new system including design and engineering or just to replace your existing equipment.

In addition to offering various types of heating and air conditioning equipment, Perfect Degree Mechanical Contractors Inc. offers a range of indoor air quality products, from a variety of air cleaners, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, air to air heat exchangers and fans. Our design team is committed to selecting the proper system for each job. Listening carefully to a business' concerns about comfort and cost, we adeptly work with architects and builders to blend the mechanical design with aesthetic concerns.


At Perfect Degree Mechanical Contractors Inc., we believe in regular routine maintenance on all air conditioning and heating systems. Well-maintained equipment lasts longer and reduces energy costs over the life of the system. A reliable maintenance program will not guarantee that a piece of equipment will never fail, but it is a proven fact that routine maintenance reduces the risk of breakdown during peak times. Worn or failing parts can often be found and replaced before they fail. Cooling and heating system failures usually occur during peak conditions when service companies are backlogged and have a difficult time responding as quickly as you need them.


Your home is the place for you to be completely comfortable. Most homes or businesses have areas that suffer because a single thermostat located in one area is being asked to control the temperature in all parts of the building. The thermostat only knows the temperature where the thermostat is actually located! You simply cannot achieve whole home comfort with one thermostat, just like you can't (and don't want to) control all your lighting with one light switch.

Zoning is a control system designed for the way you use your home. With a zoning system, each area of your home is given customized heating and cooling control. Our goal is to educate homeowners about the benefits of "Zoning" and demonstrate that it can be installed affordably, without disrupting your life.